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Creating an anonymous word document

All authors should de-identify their papers before submitting word documents. This includes removing names from the word document AND following the instructions below:

For MacIntosh Word 2008 and later versions

  1. Under the File menu, select Properties.
  2. Under the Summary tab, remove all of the identifying information from all of the fields.
  3. Save the document.

For Microsoft 2007 (Windows):

  1. Click on the Office button in the upper-left hand corner of the office application.
  2. Select Prepare.
  3. Select Properties.
  4. Delete all of the information in the document property fields that appear under the main menu options.
  5. Save the document.

For Microsoft 2010 (Windows)

  1. Under the File menu select Prepare for Sharing.
  2. Click on the Check for Issues icon.
  3. Click on Inspect Document icon.
  4. Uncheck all of the boxes except Document Properties and Personal information.
  5. Run the document inspector.
  6. If the document inspector finds author information, it will allow you to click on Remove All. This will your name from the file.
  7.  Save the document.
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