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Meredith Bennett is the Editor-in-Chief of The D.U. Quark.  She is a sophomore environmental science major.  She hopes to pursue a career in science journalism or environmental consulting after finishing school.  She enjoys learning about the complex ecological interactions that make up our world and hopes to be able to contribute to keeping the earth healthy in the future.

Abdullah Malik is the section editor for the D.U. Quark. He is in charge of managing the peer review process. He is a senior biology major and plans on continuing his education in law school next year. His interest in science stems from finding answers to the unknown and Star Wars. He has been conducting research on alpha-arrestins with Dr. O’Donnell and works as a EMT.

Sierra Strnisa is a fourth-year Forensic Science and Law major with an interest in blood pattern analysis and she is the secretary/peer reviewer for The D.U. Quark.  She is passionate about science because of her curiosity for understanding how life works and hopes to pursue a future career with the FBI.  Sierra hopes to help raise awareness of this student-run journal to encourage others to share their research with their peers and university faculty.

Danielle Guckin is the Layout Editor of The D.U. Quark and is also a peer reviewer.  She is a fourth-year Forensic Science and Law major.  Her dream career is a Forensic Pathologist (or a Medical Examiner) so she can use her medical and science knowledge to determine cause of death.  She is heavily involved with Habitat for Humanity on campus and loves volunteering.

Oriana Menniti is a PY2 Pharmacy Student at Duquesne University Pharmacy School. She is the public relations manager of the D.U. Quark.  Besides the D.U. Quark, she is also involved in various pharmacy organization on campus.


Our faculty advisor is Dr. Kristin Klucevsek, and she can be contacted by e-mail at

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