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M O T H E R   E A R T H

Lance Daley

Photo by Jaymantri on

Arid, frigid air

Ceding to light and warmth

Blossoms blooming without care

As we admire the star to the North

Humming bees darting through the sky

In the sprawling hills of Sonoma

A large slice of cherry pie

Sweet, decadent aroma

Life’s energy manifests serenity

Vibrance and diversity are its gifts

Darkness breeds calamity

Through anthropogenic rifts

Gratitude and respect

Are a few of mother nature’s demands

Greed and disconnect

Are where we must make amends

Fragmented habitats

As far as the eye can see

Sitting in plain sight

But unnoticed by thee

The implicit plan

To monetize and ransack Earth

A dictator’s program

Resulting in a resource dearth

The Sun’s unrelenting feverishness

Forest fires ablaze

When will we finally admit

That Earth’s executioner hides in the haze

Climatic catastrophe lurks in our future

With ignorance in notice

Now it’s time to prove to her

That the preservation of Earth is our focus

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